Iowa Farm Land Values Drop For 2nd Year

Just a year ago I shared that Iowa farmland values had fallen for the first time in a number of years. Iowa State University is out with their 2015 farmland values survey and for the second year in a row, the average value of an acre of farmland has dropped.

Global Debt To GDP

How does the US compare to the rest of the world? This graph from the Visual Capitalist shows how much debt the major bond issuing countries have versus their GDP. Click to expand the image. H/T Ritholtz

How Do You Perform In A Down Market?

A little Friday humor. Have a great weekend everyone!

Where Do S&P 500 Companies Make Their Money?

Many investors think of the S&P 500 as a U.S. index and they're right, it does track U.S. companies. But where do those companies make their cash? Market watch took a look at where each component of the index generates its revenue. With help from Standard

Where Your Taxes Went In 2014

Curious where you federal income tax dollars went last year? The following infographic breaks it down. Source: The National Priorities Project

Watch Eddie Vedder's Send Off To Letterman

Eddie plays so hard, he breaks a string. And how about that piano intro?


Further Proof That Warren Buffett Is Better At Making Money Than You

Buffett recently got rid of his 9 year old Cadillac. This is a car probably worth $5000 in trade-in value at your local dealer. But Buffett wasn't haggling at his local Omaha Caddy dealer, no, he sold it at auction for $122,000! His former Cadillac is pretty unspectacular, but

15 Years of NASDAQ

Time marches on and we can now say the darling index of the 90's, the NASDAQ, has recovered from its high of 5000 back in the year 2000. Although there's isn't much investment benefit in looking in the rearview mirror, the stats geek in me likes to do so anyway.

Which Metros Are Funding Startups?

An interesting chart showing the top 20 metropolitan areas where startups are receiving first round funding from venture capital firms. It's not as concentrated as I would have thought. Source: Brookings via Ritholz

529 Rule Change For 2015

College savers have a little more flexibility inside their college savings plans thanks to a 529 rule change for 2015. The Achieving a Better Life Experience (Able) Act was signed into law by President Obama last year. It allows 529 account owners to change up their investment selections twice per

The Minimalists: Signs You Might Be Broke

I would love to learn to write more essays like this. Check out The Minimalists' list of 11 signs you might be broke →   Read it here.