Too Flat


Apple’s new software updates were announced yesterday. While the desktop OS was just a new name and some feature upgrades, iOS was changed significantly. I haven’t used it yet, but my initial reaction is luke warm. I love the simplier, more focused interface and there are many new features that I was looking forward to. However, the new icon color scheme is obnoxious and I’m still missing some features I really want, like group FaceTime.  There is still alot of time for them to change the icons and there is a lot to like:

  • Call blocking – Mark a number as spam so it can’t bother you anymore.  It works for FaceTime and iMessages too.
  • Control Center – swipe up from bottom of the screen to quickly access airplane mode, wifi, camera, and others (flashlight included!)
  • Multitasking – All apps can now multitask (run in background while you switch) iOS notices which apps you use, including frequency, and allows them to update in the background intelligently. Responds to push notifications to update an app (Facebook sends a notification, iOS automatically updates it all.)  Apps now show as a preview of what is running.
  • Safari – full screen, even in portrait! New tab interface, iCloud Keychain, parental controls, swipe in from left to go back a page
  • Airdrop – quickly send photos via WiFi (encrypted peer to peer) – No clear on which devices get this feature. (only iPhone 5, new iPad???)
  • Camera – Quickly choose size, filters
  • Photos – iOS will organize your photos into Moments based on where you were when the photos were taken
  • iCloud Shared Photos – Photo Stream is renamed and other people can contribute to the stream.  Videos can be posted too (but would quickly use up all your storage, so I’m not sure how this will work in practice.)
  • Siri – Siri has a new interface, new voices, new questions answering, encyclopedia, searches the web automatically when you ask
  • iTunes Radio – Listen to iTunes radio stations on any iTunes player (Windows and Mac too.)  Free with commercials.  iTunes Match subscribers ($25/yr) get commercial free radio.
  • Activation Lock – Blocks device from being wiped without your iCloud info, prevents a thief from stealing your phone

Screenshot from 2013-06-11 08:49:11