Further Proof That Warren Buffett Is Better At Making Money Than You


Buffett recently got rid of his 9 year old Cadillac. This is a car probably worth $5000 in trade-in value at your local dealer. But Buffett wasn’t haggling at his local Omaha Caddy dealer. Nope, he sold it at auction for $122,000!

His former Cadillac is pretty unspectacular, but did only have about 20,000 miles on it. The only other thing remarkable about the car is that the dashboard features Warren’s signature in black permenent marker. And actually, Mr. Buffett donated it for a good cause, which explains why the price went so high.

According to CNN, proceeds from the sale went to Girls Incorporated of Omaha, a local chapter of the national group formerly known as the Girls Club of America. So you see, the funds went for a good cause.

This isn’t the first car Buffett has auctioned for charity. In 2006, his previous Lincoln Town Car went for $60,000 at auction.

And if you’re curious, his new car is a 2014 Cadillac XTS, which he decided to purchase after a conversation he had with GM CEO Mary Barra last year.

Warren Buffett's Cadillac DTS

Source: CNN Money