First Tech Post


I’ve held this URL for years, and never used it. Now I’m launching a personal website mostly for career reasons, but I’m really still trying to decide how to use it.  I’ve enjoyed blogging for my company, but am limited for compliance reasons (and some professional) on what I can write about. So here we go, my first post is about Apple and technology.

Apple’s annual developers conference is Monday. I’m looking forward to listening in on the conference to learn what is in store for Apple software this year. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Updates to iCloud and photo stream. Both of these services could be improved, maybe with more storage, iPhoto integration, and better usability.
  • Siri: hopefully Apple will open Siri to developers so that the voice assistant can begin to do more. People like to rip on Siri’s ability to understand voice commands, but I’ve been using Google’s iOS search feature in Chrome and Google Now and their feature doesn’t seem to understand me any better, so I don’t know what the answer is.
  • Improved notifications, especially on the lock screen.
  • Better looking operating system, but not “flat”.  Hopefully they will remove the ugly notepad app (which could be improved functionally) and well removed the textures auto apps like Game Center, which are truly ugly right now.
  • iMessage and FaceTime: group FaceTime calls and iMessage accessible through a browser (this post is written on a machine not eligible for iMessage due to its age.)
  • I don’t expect much out of OS X, other than the same visual improvements that we will see to iOS.
  • Hardware: I expect retina MacBook Airs. I will want to see a more powerful iPad Mini, but I’m not holding my breath. We could see soft updates to the rest of Apple’s hardware based on the new chips Intel has out now.

For a look at what we could see it WWDC, check out the banner Apple hung today in the convention center:

This is definitely a sleeker, more modern font and a sparse background. If past signs at WWDC have given hints of operating system changes, iOS 7 will look much improved vs the previous iOS.

Thanks for reading my first blog post.  I look forward to putting myself out there and writing about subjects I’m interested in.  I’ve always been frustrated with Twitter because it is too short. 🙂  Hopefully here I’ll be able to express myself fully.