Desk Build Update


As you know, I’m moving offices.  As part of that, my wife and I took a look my ‘decor,’ as its called, and decided to do something more contemporary or modern.  I decided to build my own desk to get away from my current laminated particle board office set. It was 8 years old (and in great shape if you’d like to buy it) and the mahogany color was dated compared to my taste.  I also feel like making my own desks will show off a little bit of myself and my hobbies without being as in your face as a stuffed deer head mounted on the wall.

For the first part, I drew up some table legs in Sketchup.  I called in a favor to my brother in law, who welds for a living.  He welded them up according to my drawing and shipped them to me via FedEx.

metal desk base.jpg

Here you can see my messy garage and the 5/4 hard maple I chose for the table tops.  There will be three table tops in total.  I considered plywood framed in maple or a MDF base with a veneer on it before deciding to go for thick maple.  Seeing how thick the table legs were made the decision of the thick, solid top easy.  (Interestingly, 2″ square tubing was cheaper than 1 1/2″.)

maple desk top