What Beyonce’s Surprise Album Can Tell Entrepreneurs About Product Launches


If you’ve done a good job with your previous products, it seems you don’t have to market your next product. At least that’s what worked for Beyoncé Knowles. After three days, her new album has sold over 800,000 copies making it the fastest selling album in iTunes 10 year history.

Ms. Knowles surprised everyone by releasing the album without announcing it and ONLY to iTunes. I heard her say in interviews that she did this to remove any pressure that might be placed on her to release the album before she thought it was ready. I think the real reason was to prevent piracy. Either way, it seems to work as the album did not leak on the interent and its sales broke many records.

Success breeds success and even though we don’t all have Beyoncé’s star power, her success with this album demonstrates how you can build off what you’ve done previously to grow your business. You may be struggling to get your first product off the ground right now. Take the time to do it right, knowing that you’re opening doors for future launches.